Buying a home in Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide? Don’t delay arrange your building inspection today!

Having our building inspector inspect your home in Aberfoyle park prior to purchase should be part of the buying process. Don’t move in only to find major structural issues or moisture problems in the bathroom.

A recent pre purchase inspection carried out in Aberfoyle park revealed active termites on site. Finding termites on site generally means there will be costs in removing them. Dealing with termites can be a costly exercise not to mention the damage to the home they can cause. An expense you do not want to deal with just after you have bought your new home. Termite treatment costs can range from $800.00 to $4000.00 depending on the work required.

Termite damage found on inspection

Active termites found

Inspect the home before you move in.

By the time you move in it is already too late. Our building inspectors cover all areas of Adelaide not just Aberfoyle park and are here to help you from buying a home that will cost you money. Be aware of the problems before you move in and save. Determining if there are issues in the home prior will also allow you to potentially negotiate the price of the house.

Building InspectorsEasy to read reports.

Our inspectors provide fully detailed, easy to read inspection reports. They include photos of problems areas and they can even walk you through their findings on site. So if you are buying a home in Aberfoyle park, we are the local building and pest inspection experts in Aberfoyle with over 11 years experience inspecting homes. Our office is located at 8/166 Main South Road, why not pop in for a friendly chat about your next house purchase or simply contact us below.





See some of our inspections completed in Adelaide, Aberfoyle Park
Pre purchase building Inspections list ( Click to View)

16 Serenade Crescent Aberfoyle Park

53 Windebanks Road Aberfoyle Park

8-1 Abbaron Ct Aberfoyle Park

9 The Parkway Aberfoyle Park

19 Maple Avenue Aberfoyle Park

3 Acorn Ave, Aberfoyle Park

26 Horseshoe Dve, Aberfoyle Park

9 Narina Way Aberfoyle Park

17 The Glade Aberfoyle Park

19 Abraxas Court Aberfoyle Park

3 College Avenue Aberfoyle Park

13 Redcraze Street Aberfoyle Park

37 Hamilton Crecent Aberfoyle Park

21 Brooke Ave, Aberfoyle Park

15 Homestead Drive Aberfoyle Park

33 Greenfield Rise, Aberfoyle Park

10 Southbound Avenue Aberfoyle Park

10 Lyn Street Aberfoyle Park

55a Windebanks Road Aberfoyle Park

10 Springwood Court Aberfoyle Park

28 Monarco Circ, Aberfoyle Park

28 The Oaks Parade Aberfoyle Park

22 Corro Street Aberfoyle Park

17 Monteray Dve, Aberfoyle Park

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