A recent inspection performed by HomeMasters at Hallett Cove Adelaide reveals termite activity, it is the perfect example why having a Building & Pest Inspection prior to purchase is so important.

Termite damage is generally concealed making it extremely difficult for the untrained purchaser to see. This could lead to a repair bill that is in the thousands. This is where Home Masters can help. We are trained professionals who have been undertaking Pre-Purchase Inspections all throughout Adelaide for many years. We have the tools to detect termites and the knowledge to provide you with the information you need before you sign on the dotted line.

Important factors to consider before you make a decision.

Some initial enquiries can be made with the agent.

  1. Has the home had any prior inspections? Is there any paperwork? If so ask to see it, it may help in understanding what has happened in the past to this home if anything.
  2. Any prior termite treatments? This is particularly important. Ascertaining if a warranty is in place and which company did it.
  3. Although these question will help, the best way to approach it is to employ your very own HomeMasters Inspector. We will walk through the property with you one on one making sure any questions you have are answered prior to you settling.

Termite damage was detected to the kitchen wall in a home located at Hallett Cove. There were many factors that may have contributed to attracting the termites. Drainage issues were detected, inadequate down pipes along with no prior treatment to protect the home. All of the potential risks with a home you will be made aware of so you know where you stand.

Don’t buy termites and get stuck with the costly repair bills, get informed prior to purchase.

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