Combined Building & Pest Inspections


Get the peace of mind you deserve & pay the right price for your home

When you want to know all the facts about the new home you a looking to buy and you don’t want to leave anything to chance then you need to choose a combined building and pest inspection.

With a combined building and pest inspection, you’re getting the full spectrum of testing so not only will you be up to date on any potential structural and maintenance issues, but you can also be assured that you will not be sharing your house with any unexpected pests.   With a huge structural, maintenance and pest checklist this is the smart option to gain in-depth knowledge about the risk factors that may be affecting your home.

Combine your Building & Pest Inspections and save at least $150

When you combine a building and pest inspection, you’ll save both time and money.  Save yourself the time and hassleof contacting two different inspectors, and let us take care of everything at the same time and save you a minimum of $150 (compared to the cost twoindividual inspections). 

With just one person to deal with, you can come to the inspection,and we’ll talk you through and show you any issues we find.  After the inspection we’ll issue you with a comprehensive report with colour photos detailing any structural, pest and maintenance problems and our expert inspector can talk you through all the findings, so you know exactly what you are buying into. 

Our inspectors are trained experts with the latest detection equipment, a keen eye for detail and will perform your inspection to our exacting quality standards as well as Australian Standard AS4349.1 and AS4349.3. 



Pest Problem

See how a pest inspection could save you $

Available throughout the week

Available 7 days a week, our experienced and reliable inspectors are always there when you need them.  With a complete building and pest inspection, you’ll be fully informed about what you are buying within the cooling off period and you’ll know what structural, maintenance and pest risks are associated with your new home.

As licensed pest controllers we can quickly give you an idea of the costs associated with eradicating any pest problems and refer you to the appropriate experts for any structural or maintenance repairs.   

Our experience, checks and inspections combined with our attention to detail have saved countless people from buying into trouble and have helped others save thousands of dollars by renegotiating their purchase price to take account of the necessary repair costs. 

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