A pre purchase inspection is an assessment of a property which outlines minor and major defects by way of a visual, non-invasive inspection. The inspection is carried out by a suitably qualified professional who is appropriately trained in evaluating a building for defects. The inspector then provides a written report based on the condition of the home and within the report it will have photos of problem areas and any recommendations required for areas needing attention. See a sample report here.

It provides the potential purchaser all the information required to assist them in deciding on whether to buy the property or not. With all the information they will be able to determine if they are willing to take on the property in its current condition or if negotiations are required. For example, if major defects are detected on the inspection, the client will be made aware and take this into careful consideration. This is not necessarily a deal breaker but is something that must be taken into consideration as the costs to rectify may be beyond their budget.

The Inspection process

During the inspection process the inspector undertakes for you, it is important to understand the type of inspection you will have carried out. The Australian Standard 4349.1 is the standard for residential building inspections in Adelaide. During this inspection, no areas of the building will be tampered, dismantled, or damaged in anyway. The inspection is purely a non-invasive visual inspection only. Any damaged caused from the inspector must be repaired by them as they are liable. Specialist equipment such as a Tramex moisture meter are used to help detect and identify problems because of damp/moisture. These devices area also used to help detect termite damage. Which is a completely different inspection. During the building inspection, no comments will be made on timber pests/termites. It is important to recognise a different inspection must be booked for this. Most inspectors will provide a combined building and pest inspection service that includes both types of inspections covering building defects and also damage as a result of pests i.e. termites, it is important to ask if they provide this service. If they do not an independent inspection from another company may be required.

After the inspector is finished with their inspection, it is always recommended that you attend the property to discuss the findings with them. Although this is not a requirement and the inspector will give you a call over the phone to discuss, there is no substitute for attending the inspection. During the walkthrough they will discuss identified problems as well as maintenance issues. Answering any questions you might have along the way. This is an important step in understanding your new home and establishing any costly repairs you may be up for.

After the process is complete a client can generally expect the report within a 24hour time frame. The inspection report is complex and not something a client could perform on their own. A building inspector will also make themselves available for questions after the report is sent and completed.

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HomeMasters Inspector using a Tramex moisture meter during a pre-purchase inspection.