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Termites are also known as white ants and are one of the most destructive pests that can be found in houses.  They feed on timbers in your home and if left unchecked can eat their way through the whole house leaving it structurally compromised. Termites (white ants) come in huge numbers and just like ants they are highly organised, with one million plus termites in a colony, termites can quickly eat through your structural timbers and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

As expert and experienced pest inspectors and controllers, you can be assured that we have all the latest hi-tech gadgets to help discover any uninvited guests that may be living unnoticed under your floors or in your walls. With one of the most comprehensive timber pest reports available on the market, you can rely on our rigorous testing procedures to give you the most reliable and informative inspections around. 

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection – You could save yourself thousands of dollars and a lot of stress

One of the most stressful things about finding termites in your home is that they are not covered under your building insurance. If you buy a house that has been affected by termites, you could find the damage running into tens of thousands of dollars and with no funding forthcoming from the insurance company this would be a devastating and highly stressful situation. 

The minimal costs of a pre-purchase pest inspection versus the potential costs of finding termites make it a worthwhile investment. When you combine a pest inspection with a building inspection you automatically pocket a saving of at least $150.00.  


Pest Problem

Wondering if you need a pest inspection in your next home?

Rigorous Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections – Going above and beyond Industry Standards

A standard pest inspection as set out in AS:3660 will only check and report on termites; however, at HomeMasters, we always go the extra mile to give our customers peace of mind and security.  Your HomeMasters pre-purchase pest inspection covers termites, borers, fungal decay, rats, mice, possums, spiders, ants and cockroaches and meets all the requirements of Australian Standards (AS) 4349.3.

Our Pest Inspections are rigorous and start outside the building looking for any damage/workings from termites along with checking conducive condition. We then continue inside the building checking for signs of excessive moisture which can be an attractant for termites. Inspectors will carry out moisture testing along with checking for any prior treatments.

As termites are around 70% water, high moisture readings in supposedly dry substrates like wooden door frames are a good indicator that termites might be present.  As soon as we get an indication of termites we will investigate further to ascertain the extent of any damage. 

It is estimated that one in five homes in Australia will be affected by termites during their lifetime.  Even if your inspection comes up free of termites, we will advise you of any conditions that may be present that can attract an infestation and how to minimise your future termite risks.

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