Spiders are feared by many. ¬†A simple image is often enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and have you cringing at anything that moves for the next half hour. The venom of certain spiders can be extremely harmful, especially to children/infants, and their bites are often painful. While there are many sprays that can be bought over the counter from hardware stores, they generally lead to poor results.¬†Our¬†approach to Spider treatment Adelaide is multi-faceted, and we don’t rely on chemicals alone to deal with¬†your spider problem. Our technicians are trained professionals with experience and in-depth knowledge in all areas of pest control. We have been servicing all areas of Adelaide for many years. Spiders are our specialty.

Every pest treatment completed by Home Masters is done to the highest Australian standards. We never skimp on materials and go above and beyond the minimum requirements to keep your family safe, and your home pest-free. ¬†Thanks to this, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with HomeMasters.


Getting rid of spiders is a scary task for most homeowners. There are ways they can be managed though, to keep their numbers down. Here are some handy tips to help prevent a spider infestation:

  • Brush away all visible cobwebs from inside and outside the house, re-check regularly. ¬†Don’t forget the stairs/handrails.
  • Keep clutter, weeds, and debris away from the perimeter of the home.
  • Fill gaps around pipes, walls, and under doors.
  • Turn off lights at night to reduce food supply.
  • Regular vacuuming, high & low.
  • Sweeping of areas, including outdoors and¬†any areas infrequently used, such as storage boxes, under chairs or seats.

If an infestation is present and too large to deal with yourself, HomeMasters service all Adelaide areas, and can get your pest problem under control 7 days a week.

Pest Control Treatment

A Home master’s pest control technician will assess your property prior to treatment, notifying you of any concerns they have that relate to the effectiveness and longevity of your treatment. Generally, a spider treatment will last for 3-6 months. Our technician will recommend a follow-up treatment time frame on the day. Repeat spider treatment/s are generally required for heavy infestations.


The application of the chemical is crucial to achieving effective and safe results. There are no “one chemical fits all” – at HomeMasters we assess each home individually. ¬†Some of the things we consider, before the treatment is carried out are:

  • Construction type. Many homes have a sub-floor or cavity under the floor, so we make sure all the hidden spiders are¬†dealt with effectively.
  • Food source. ¬†Spiders eat other insects as tasty treats. ¬†Control of their food supply plays a major part in management.
  • Homeowners pets. ¬†Are your canine companion’s water bowls around? Is there a birdcage in the vicinity? Applying chemicals must be done with extreme caution. We know you love your pets and they’re considered part of your family, we want to keep them safe too. That’s why an inspection is carried out prior to application, to ensure your pets are well looked after.

We know the types of environments that spiders love to hide in, and because of this, we are able to achieve excellent results with our treatments. The choice of chemical also plays a large role, depending on what you wish to achieve with your spider treatment. There are chemicals that will achieve a quick knock-down effect but may not have residual action. ¬†Other chemicals act as a barrier, with lingering results, but won’t kill spiders quickly. Our pest technician will assess your home and choose the appropriate chemical accordingly. We only use the highest quality products, to keep your family safe and ensure maximum effectiveness.

Home masters’ Building and Pest Inspections are the Adelaide Spider¬†treatment experts. Contact us on (08) 8326 8885 to discuss managing your pest problems. Located at 2/42 Beach Road Christies Beach.


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