Do Not Buy a Home without Pre Purchase Building Inspections by Adelaide Area Home masters Serving SA

If you are buying a home in SA near Adelaide, it is recommended that you have a pre-purchase building inspection prior to signing an agreement. At Home masters, we provide buyers with pre-purchase inspections in Adelaide and its suburbs. Our family-owned and operated business have been offering quality services to home buyers in the area for 10 years now. We inspect each and every home as if we were buying it ourselves. By doing so, we help our clients make the right decision. No one wants to buy a home and months later find out that it needs thousands of dollars in repairs or is infested with pests. If you are in the process of looking for homes, consult with us before making your final decision.

Our Pre Purchase Building Inspections in SA Can Identify Plumbing and Electrical Issues

The curb appeal of the home that you want so badly is beautiful. The outside of the home is immaculate and as you check out the interior you fall in love with the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. What about the plumbing system though? Sure, you can turn on the water and see if a few sinks work, but what about leaks? What about the electrical system? Faulty electrical wiring can start a fire that can destroy a home.

At Home masters, our professional building inspectors have years of experience in building, engineering, and more and are able to locate and identify potential problems with a home. Our inspections are thorough and include a pest inspection as well. When complete, our inspection report will give you the confidence you need to make a final decision.

Are There Potential Hazards on the Property?

Our pre-purchase building inspections provide you not only with information about the home itself, but also the entire property and any exterior structures. While the home is the feature structure on the property, there may be a patio, a detached garage, or other structure on the property. Those will need to be inspected as well. Our inspection reports will include information about any concerns with any sundry structures on the property. Again, we do so to protect you, our client, from making a huge financial mistake.

Is Home Structurally Sound?

Our inspections address the key concerns that a buyer should have prior to making an offer on a home. Is the home structurally sound and is the foundation solid? Included with our building inspection is a pest inspection. We provide an all-in-one service to ensure that there is no presence of pests, especially termites. These insects can do some serious damage to a home and can go undetected for months.

Our inspectors have a keen eye and with extreme attention to detail, years of experience, and a true desire to help clients, they are able to identify any potential problems and help buyers understand how to address these issues.

We pride ourselves on inspecting your home like it is our very own. Call us on 08 8326-8885 for pre-purchase building inspections in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

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