Considering buying a home in Huntfield Heights, Adelaide South Australia? Home Masters are the experts when it comes to providing pre purchase building and pest inspection reports. Detailed inspection reports covering all aspects of the building including termites if booked with a pre purchase pest inspection.


A pre purchase building and pest inspection should be considered the most important part of buying a new home in Huntfield Heights.

HomeMasters inspection reports will inform you of defects before it ‘s too late. Choosing not to have an inspection could cost you thousands.

A recent pest inspection shows how crucial it is to get inspected before you buy. This client recently purchased a home in Huntfield Heights, Adelaide only to find major structural damage 1 week later. A repair bill he certainly wasn’t expecting.

   homemasters pest inspection

A pre purchase inspection would have saved him thousands. Damage was found in the roof which has been crudely repaired in the past suggesting the damage was already known!

The inspector would have seen extensive termite damage to a nearby tree as well as the bait stations around the home were all clear indicators damage had occurred.

   Bait station termite damage

Unfortunately for the home owner they were not aware pre purchase building and pest inspections were even available. The house now also requires treatment costing even more money, all of which could have been easily avoided by having the home inspected before he bought.

HomeMasters are here not to scare the purchaser but simply to make them aware of defects to ensure you get the full picture before it is too late.

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