Undetected water leaks found by building inspectors in Woodcroft Adelaide, leaks can be expensive to repair.

A recent building inspection in Woodcroft highlighted the problems a water leak can cause. Woodcroft is located 20 kilometers from Adelaide city center.

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home. It is imperative that the wet areas are checked thoroughly prior to purchasing a home in Woodcroft.

Damage to wet areas.

If water leaks go undetected – as they did in this home they can cause extensive damage potentially costing you thousands. The structural integrity of the home can be adversely affected by undetected water leaks and also attract termites to the home.

At HomeMasters Building Inspections our inspectors undertake an extensive inspection of the wet areas in a home to ensure you don’t buy problems.

Wet Area Inspections.

The most obvious wet areas are the toilet, sinks, vanities, bath, shower and laundry. As a building inspector we take these areas seriously. Our building inspections will check for water leaks, hammering, gurgling, as well as check for adequate hot and cold water flow. By using a moisture meter it allows the building inspector to detect any current or potentially serious concerns that could result in costly repairs to rectify.

Moisture meter check to wet area

Wet area home inspection


Nothing lasts forever and that is true for bathroom sealants. Your property inspector will check for deteriorated silicon, grouting that needs remedial work and cracked tiles that could allow water to penetrate the walls and flooring. All aspects of wet areas are checked during a pre purchase building inspection even the ventilation!

Safety Concerns

Wherever there is water there can be accidents caused by slipping. It is important that your building inspector checks the workmanship in these areas. Poor workmanship can lead to serious safety concerns.

As part of our training at HomeMasters Property inspections, all our building inspectors are instructed to run the shower, fill the bath at least 25% with water and then drain to see if the area floods. This is a good opportunity to check the shower pressure especially for those who like it strong.

Call HomeMasters for all your building inspection needs in Woodcroft, Adelaide and all other areas of Adelaide. Our qualified Building Inspectors will conduct a thorough building inspection not only to the wet areas but to the entire home.

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