Why is having a combined Pre-Purchase building and pest inspection so important? When buying a home it can be considered one of the most exciting times for you and your family. It can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Home masters Inspections have been providing inspection reports for clients for 10 years and are here to put your mind at ease.

Identifying what is wrong with a home prior to purchase may save you thousands. Even recognizing the small defects before moving in will allow you to make an informed decision and possibly allow you to have them fixed or repaired before you move in.

Pest Inspection

An inspection carried out in Aldinga Beach by Home Masters Building and Pest Inspections has revealed problems. Some problems were considered minor however if left un-repaired they can lead to much larger problems. For example, a few things to look for when you decide to buy your next home.

A downpipe splashing water next to the wall or foundation due to inadequate drainage or a leak. It can seem like such a small problem however, did you know that excessive water around the home will attract termites? The termites are attracted to the water source and will stay for any timber inside your home. This type of problem can also potentially void any termite treatment that may be in place! Below is an example.

Downpipe not connected to stormwater

A down pipe splashing water next to a wall

down pipe connection leaking

A leaky down pipe can attract termites

Building Inspection

Inspecting certain areas of a home during an open inspection is generally impossible. Inspecting the roof framing or gutters just can’t be done unless you arrange with the agent. By the time you move in it is already too late. Conducting a Building Inspection prior to purchase should be considered the number one thing to do. This Building inspection in Aldinga, Adelaide revealed inadequate fall to gutters which means that they will tend to hold water rather than drain water away effectively to the downpipes. This will lead to overflowing gutters damaging the eaves lining. Excessive water around the footings of the home and also early deterioration of materials. Fascias will also deteriorate as a result. See below for an example.

Water pooling in gutters

Inadequate fall to downpipes resulting in pooling gutters

Home Master’s Building Inspectors

All Home masters Building Inspectors are trained professionals with years of experience. We have a trained eye in identifying these types of problems so you are well aware of any repairs that may be required to keep your home in good condition. Although these are considered minor defects, the result in not attending to them can cause major problems in the future. Termite damage was also identified to the roof void as can be seen in the video below. When buying a home, use a HomeMaster to inspect your next home.






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