Flagstaff Hill Building Inspection

Building Inspection Flagstaff Hill – HomeMasters

What a busy year it has been, with half of the year already gone it is time again for HomeMasters inspection of the month (May 16). This article will cover some of the things to look for when buying a new home. Our inspection of the month of May goes to a property located in Flagstaff Hill. Drainage […]

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HomeMasters Pest Inspection

Pest Inspection Adelaide – Do you need one prior to purchasing your next home? Buying your next home in Adelaide? There may be one thing you haven’t considered yet. A Pest Inspection, but do you really need one prior to purchase? This article will cover some of the potentials risks you should consider prior to […]

Building inspection, full gutters

Having a Building Inspection in Adelaide could save you money | HomeMasters

So, after hours of searching the internet, driving round and round  looking at house after house, things are finally looking up. You have found a little gem, and it’s in the perfect location.  You’ve been to the open inspection and are happy to report that it ticks all the right boxes for your dream home. […]

Blocked drain - weeds

Building Inspection Victor Harbor | HomeMasters Inspections

Building Inspection Victor Harbor carried by HomeMasters is the perfect example of why having an Inspection prior to buying your next home is so important. Part of a HomeMasters Inspection is to carry out a flow test. This involves running the water (hot and cold) to ensure not only water flow is sufficient but to also […]

Termite mudding

HomeMasters Inspections | Damage found under the floor in a home at Brighton

Building Inspection Brighton A recent Pre-Purchase building and Pest inspection carried out by HomeMasters in Brighton, Adelaide has revealed something nasty underneath the timber floors in the living room. There was mudding discovered by our building inspector and upon further investigation, active termites were found eating away at the flooring joists and floor boards. The […]

Combined Building and Pest Inspection in Aldinga

Why is having a combined Pre-Purchase building and pest inspection so important? When buying a home it can be considered one of the most exciting times for you and your family. It can also be a time of stress and anxiety. Homemasters Inspections have been providing inspection reports for clients for 10 years and are here to put […]

Above ground bait station.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Marion reveals active termites!

A recent Building and Pest Inspection in Marion revealed active Coptotermes species termites.This inspection was carried out by Chris.  Coptotermes are the most damaging and can cause major structural damage to a home quickly. They generally nest in trees or stumps. They are found in all states and territories of mainland Australia. There are 4 Castes […]

Spraying of spiders

Pest Control Adelaide – HomeMasters

Spider Treatment Adelaide   KEEPING YOUR FAMILY SAFE FROM SPIDERS BY HAVING YOUR HOUSE TREATED SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY! Spiders are feared by many.  A simple image is often enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and have you cringing at anything that moves for the next half hour. The venom of […]

Cockroaches on spice rack

Cockroach Control problem in Adelaide? HomeMasters can help.

Is your Adelaide home hiding cockroaches and potentially making you sick? Cockroaches may be everywhere, but they don’t have to be in your home.  Pest control measures should be implemented immediately, at the first instance of sighting them. Cockroaches carry disease causing organisms such as salmonella on their legs and bodies and deposit them on YOUR […]

Building & Pest Inspection, Normanville SA

Normanville – Building Inspection of the week

Building and Pest inspection carried out at Normanville, Adelaide. Most of the defects found by our building inspector were located outside of the home. Inside, the home presented extremely well. The lead up to Christmas has been a busy time for us. Although we are in the spirit of Christmas we will be on call […]