Building Inspections and Inspectors Can Save You Money – Why You Need a Building Inspector in Adelaide

Buying a home is one of the monumental events in anyone’s life. It is an emotional process that is full of joy, despair, and everything in between. It is recommended that anyone purchasing a new home have a pre-purchase inspection. At Home masters Building and Pest Inspections, we have been providing quality building inspections in Adelaide and its suburbs for ten years. Our family-owned and operated business not only performs building inspections but also pest inspections. We are an all-in-one service that protects buyers as they set off to make the biggest investment of their lives. We inspect each and every home for our clients just as if we were buying the home ourselves. Here’s why.

To Make Sure There Are No Structural Issues

The last thing that you want to do as a home buyer is to purchase a home that is falling apart. It is often hard to determine whether or not a home is structurally sound. Our highly trained and experienced pre-purchase building inspectors in Adelaide have the ability to spot potential problems. With a variety of backgrounds including building, engineering, and pest control, we are able to give you answers as to whether or not the property you are about to purchase has zero structural defects.

We Assure There Are No Unsafe Areas

Upon your first look at a home, you may overlook some very important areas because of your first impression. There are things that the typical home buyer will not see that a trained professional building inspector can spot very easily. At Home masters, our inspectors can alert you to any dangerous material in the home, such as asbestos. If there are damaged handrails on stairways or cracks in walls, we identify these potential problems to make sure you understand what you are buying. You then have the opportunity to decide whether or not you are willing to take on the cost of any repairs before making a purchase decision.

We Will Alert You to Any Repairs

As mentioned, we can inform you if any repairs are necessary prior to you making a decision. Our comprehensive report can also assist you in making a final bid on the home. If there are roofing or other issues that are repairable, you can factor those repairs into your offer and save thousands of dollars on a home that you really love. If there is any problem with the home, we will find it.

Why Choose Home masters as your Building Inspector in Adelaide

Before you purchase a home, you need to know the exact condition of the home you are buying. You do not want to buy a home and two months later find out that it is infested with termites or realize that the roof leaks. Properties can be made to look great on the outside, but it is what is inside that really matters.

If you are planning on purchasing a home in the Adelaide area, consult with us first to ensure you are making the right decision. Call us on 08 8326 8885 at any time, day or night, to schedule your pre-purchase inspection.