Building Inspection Victor Harbor carried by HomeMasters is the perfect example of why having an Inspection prior to buying your next home is so important.

Part of a HomeMasters Inspection is to carry out a flow test. This involves running the water (hot and cold) to ensure not only water flow is sufficient but to also ensure the water drains away quickly and effectively. Moving into a home that has drainage problems is the last thing you want after spending all that hard-earned money. This is where HomeMasters can help. We are trained professionals that have been carrying out just Pre-Purchase Inspections for over 10 years in Adelaide. We take the worry out of buying a home and provide you with the answers you need before you move in.

Plumbing Problems can be expensive and establishing the cause before you sign on the dotted line could save you thousands. Blockages can be caused by invading tree roots damaging pipes, maybe something has been flushed down the drain or just a buildup of debris or leaves.

Don’t make this your new best friend.

Building Inspection Victor Harbor


Termite Inspection

All of our inspectors also use a moisture meter in the wet areas to help determine if there are any current leaks in plumbing and will also advise of any maintenance required. Establishing if leaks are extremely important as excessive moisture can also attract termites! See our termite inspection page.

There are many areas of a home that you cannot inspect prior to purchase unless you arrange an inspection. Turning on water, checking the roof cavity and testing air conditioners among other things generally doesn’t get done until you move in and it is to late, only to realise costly repairs are required.

It is our goal to inform you about your potential new home. So you can establish the cost of repairs before you move in.

Building Inspection in Victor Harbor

The video below is an example of a flow test carried out on a building inspection in Victor Harbor and is just one part of what is included in your building inspection with HomeMasters. We will provide you with a fully typed report, photos of problem areas and encourage you to attend your inspection so you can go through the inspection one on one. We cover all areas of Adelaide including Victor Harbor and surrounding suburbs. Our goal is to save you money, before it is too late. Check out this video and many of our other videos HERE.

Remember to check those sinks on your next house open. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest Building Inspection news and what to look for before buying your next home.


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