Building Inspection Seaford.

Seaford has grown and expanded a lot over the past couple of years. A lot of new homes have been built, in addition new shopping centres including Woolworths and Aldi to supply the demand with the amount of people who have now filled the Seaford area. Now due to the convenience of the train station and being so close to the beach as well, a lot of people are looking to purchase a new home in Seaford Adelaide. But when buying In Seaford a buildign inspection should be considered as part of the buying process.

HomeMasters are the specialists when it comes to providing a Building inspection in Seaford. Our inspectors are qualified and have a keen eye for detail ensuring you don’t buy problems. We are locally owned and operated and have been serving Adelaide for over 12 years.

Why have a Building Inspection in Seaford, Adelaide?

Just like everything, problems do occur and this is no different with a house. Nothing lasts forever in a home and wear and tear on items are inevitable.Taps can leak, air conditioners will break down or the home may not be structurally sound anymore. What ever the problem may be you can rest assured you will know about the problem before you move in, potentially saving you thousands, not to mention all the stress that will be avoided.

HomeMasters will look from top to bottom for defects, moisture test all wet areas like the bathroom, laundry and kitchen to ensure there are no nasty problems that could cost you money plus much more. Worried about termites? Combine a pest inspection with our building inspection and not only save money but cover all bases.

A recent home inspection in Seaford Meadows revealed active termites to the yard. Luckily the purchasers combined their inspections. Our inspector will knock test walls, moisture test door frames, check for prior treatments and advise you on the best way to proceed with your purchase in Seaford to ensure it is an informed one. Once completed, provide you with a fully typed report with photos of problem areas.

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So if you’re looking to purchase a new home in Seaford Meadows Adelaide, have Adelaide’s most trusted inspectors. Give us a call, it could save you thousands.

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