HomeMasters Building Inspection in Happy Valley Adelaide performed shows problems with the roof tiling/electrical and roof framing

Checking a roof during an open inspection is not really considered the norm. Climbing on the roof or even inside the roof may have the agent twisting up their face wondering what it is you are actually doing. Having a HomeMasters Building Inspectors perform a property inspection for you is one way of ensuring the home you are about to buy is in good condition to all the areas you cannot see.

Check those areas you just can’t see! Have it inspected before you buy?

Some of these areas that we inspect that you are unable to prior to purchase include but are not limited to;

  1. Roof space/cavity. This is an important part of the process as there could be inadequate insulation, termites or failing timber members.
  2. Roof covering. We will check for broken tiles, inadequate mortar, waves in the roofline and flashings. This will help ensure the house is not currently at risk of water or moisture entry.
  3. Garages/ subfloor (if available), garden sheds.

You are about to take a plunge into one of the biggest investments you may ever make, isn’t only fair you get to inspect and see the true condition of all the areas? Buying a house in Adelaide that has defects will not only put a strain on you financially but will cause potentially unwanted stress. Home masters cover all areas of Adelaide including Happy Valley. We have been inspecting homes around this area for over 10 years and are here to help. Our Building Inspectors understand how important your inspection is and have the knowledge to guide you through the buying process. Be sure to check out our full website here – https://homemasters.com.au or call.

We can fit you in within your cooling off period allowing to make a decision before you move in. Pre Purchase Building Inspections are our specialty but we can also help with any pest control problem you may have as well as Pre purchase termite inspections in Happy Vally.

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