So, after hours of searching the internet, driving round and round looking at house after house, things are finally looking up. You have found a little gem, and it’s in the perfect location. You’ve been to the open inspection and are happy to report that it ticks all the right boxes for your dream home.

  1. A lovely open plan alfresco area.
  2. A double garage at the rear.
  3. Large bedrooms for the children to grow up in.
  4. Trendy modern bathroom, ensuite, and kitchen.

You couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of buying your next home in Adelaide, but have you checked all the areas of the house?

What can you achieve during the brief time frame of an open inspection?   Basically you use it to get a feel for the home.   If it makes the grade and is the kind of place you could see yourself in, that’s fantastic, but if not, at least you can cross it off your list.  You want to be thorough, but there are other people everywhere you go and you feel a little uncomfortable poking and prodding in someone else’s home.

Plumbing Services

There are so many factors to consider when buying a new home and you know you didn’t really have a chance to check everything.   You may wonder what is lurking in the roof or crawl space.  What about the plumbing ? Is the hot water service working as it should? That air conditioner in the lounge room, did that work?  The stove?  What else should you check?  This is a major financial investment for you and you can’t afford to have thousands of dollars in unexpected repair bills.  It can all seem pretty daunting.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

Having a building inspection prior to purchasing a home in Adelaide should be a part of the buying process.  Would you buy a car without having it checked over by a mechanic?

Have another look under that kitchen sink – would you have picked up the costly leak?

leaky taps under kitchen sink

Leaking kitchen plumbing from an Adelaide building inspection.

How are those roof tiles really performing?

Building inspection - roof capping loose

Roof capping loose, detected on a building inspection.

Do you know what you’re buying?

It is easy to get caught up in all the hype with how quickly things move along when buying a home. One day you’re at the open inspection, the next you have made an offer and 48 hours later you are now locked into a contract for buying a new house, it can be a scary thought when you sit down and think about it. The entire process moves so quickly it’s easy not to see the potential pitfalls and expenses that may be required after you move in. What are you really buying? Are you buying a 1970’s home with asbestos? Or maybe a 90’s home with termites eating away at the framing.

Building Inspections are not yet compulsory in Adelaide. When selling or buying a home it is sometimes overlooked in the rush, or possibly not even considered. Having a building inspection before you sign on the dotted line could save you thousands. Moving into your new home and discovering a blocked drain (video) or termites in the roof framing (video) will not only cost you money to rectify, but will also cause stress on yourself and the family. There is no reason for these problems not to be detected before you move in, allowing you to have the problems rectified prior to purchase potentially saving you thousands. Selecting the right building inspector to perform the inspection prior to purchase may very well be the best decision you make when purchasing your next home.

The building inspector will check all areas of the home as per the standards AS4349.1 (). Once you receive the report and have a one on one chat with the inspector, you’ll be better equipped to make a decision based on those findings. HomeMasters Building and Pest Inspections have been inspecting homes in Adelaide and  the surrounding suburbs for over 10 years and know homes inside and out. They are aware of all problems that can occur with homes. From checking wet areas for leaks to checking roof framing to ensure it is performing adequately. Their reports are fully typed, include photos of the problems areas and not only that, but they will discuss and walk through the home with you so you can fully understand the problems detected by the inspector. HomeMasters can also perform your Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection.

Imagine moving into a home and having to outlay money on areas that could have been detected prior to purchase. So whether it’s your new home’s roof framing that is a problem (See more here) or you have termites attacking, let HomeMasters bridge the gap.  Our building inspectors are trained professionals, who can potentially save you $$$. By the time you move in, it is already to late!  Call us on (08) 8326 8885.