Asbestos Inspection



Don't get panicked about asbestos - get informed!

We see it all the time; a home renovation gone awry due to lack of information or knowledge.  Often the DIY handyman, in the effort to save a few dollars, has unwittingly put the household at risk. Not to mention the expense of a proper clean up. 

HomeMasters have the knowledge, experience and understanding to help you in any circumstance you may be facing.  We provide a full asbestos report, giving you information on exactly how to deal with the situation safely, effectively and efficiently.

Don't become a statistic; take the appropriate action to ensure you and your family are safe.




We pride ourselves on going above and beyond. By utilising the latest equipment, maintaining a thorough knowledge of current building codes, and combining experience with close attention to detail, we produce reports which far exceed the minimum requirements of the Australian Standard AS 4349.1 - 2010.



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