Pest Inspection – Adelaide, Salisbury, Elizabeth & Christies Beach

The Homemasters’ Pest Inspection is Helping Homebuyers in Adelaide, Salisbury, Elizabeth and Christies Beach Feel Safe and Secure

Have you ever experienced a sinking feeling after purchasing something and realising it may not have been the best decision? The experience that some refer to as ‘buyer’s remorse’ may be tolerable in small doses (like choosing the wrong sandwich for lunch), but it can pose a great threat if it relates to a big decision such as buying a home. At Homemasters Building and Pest Inspections, we provide building and pest inspection in Adelaide, Salisbury, Elizabeth and Christies Beach so that you can buy your new home with confidence. Let us help you make sure you’re getting a home that is safe for your family and guests and free of unwanted pests.

The findings of a completed building and pest inspection in Salisbury and adjacent areas of Elizabeth are presented in a report format that is easy to read. Our reports include full-colour photos and are written in a language you can understand. Knowing that timeliness matters in real estate transactions, we try to deliver the report to you within about two days, which allows plenty of time for review as well as making an educated decision about your potential purchase.

Personalised Service from Homemasters – Pest Inspection in Christies Beach

In addition to inspecting buildings for pests and other possible issues, we can also provide solutions to any problems uncovered during inspections. Our licensed techs are fully qualified pest technicians and are capable of inspecting the building and administering any necessary treatment. You can feel confident knowing you are dealing with the same company for all facets of the work – the inspection, report, and termination of the pests. This in-house guarantee saves you money since you won’t have to hire an additional company to carry out the exterminator services.

Now the residents of Elizabeth, Salisbury, Christies Beach and Adelaide have a one stop shop for all of their inspection needs. Homemasters offers building inspections, pest inspections, pest control, structural reports, new home reports, completion reports, and staged inspection reports.

Homemasters Answers Home and Pest Inspection Questions

If you’re a first-time homebuyer or a new customer, you may be wondering what to expect during your pest inspection in Elizabeth or nearby area. Here, we summarise the frequently asked questions for you:

Does the customer need to be on site? No. Although we fully encourage and welcome you to join us, it’s not mandatory. Since our reports depict the full condition of the property using full-colour photos and language you can understand, you don’t have to be on site.

How long does it take? An inspection usually takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the property.

What is covered under your services? We inspect many things such as the floors, electrical work, drains, roof, foundation, vents, plumbing and areas that may have asbestos or moisture. We also look for pests such as termites. We can usually get you the report in as little as two days.

Just give us a call on 08 8326-8885 (all hours) to set up your free estimate appointment. You can also check out our Facebook page for specials and to see what other satisfied customers are saying about our services.

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